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Actions Sample 1
Figure 1. Actions provided by
StorageCraft's ShadowProtectServer.


Provide guidance in context to the user about the next actions to take.


User guidance



Taking in account the main user-goal to achieve with the current User Interface scenario, makes sense to provide commands adapted to this context to support achieving the goals.

Actions are a set of ordered commands available in the current interaction unit.


Depending of the complexity of the goal to achieve: goals probably will need to be decomposed in task, and task may be need to be decomposed also to manipulations in the user interface. In this scenario, completing a procedure will need a series of actions performed in the correct order to achieve the results. Guiding users in the process will help them to complete the intended goal with less effort.


Figure 1 shows the actions provided by the ShadowProtectServer software. The actions comprises the frequent ones grouped logically. The task pane is a good solution to show the actions to the user and suggest the possible next step.


Actions can be described as an ordered list of Interaction Units accessible.

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