Display Set


Determine what information has to be provided to the user in a particular context about an object.

Display Set Sample 1
Figure 1. Display Set describing zipped
files inside an archive.

Clip 1. Interactive sample of Display Set.
Drag & drop to reorder the columns.


Information output



Select the information needed to be provided for this type of object in each particular context.

Prioritize the information: the most relevant ones should be presented in first place.


Provides consistency in data output.


Figure 1 shows an example of display set describing properties of zipped files. The display set items shown are name, size, packeted size & type. Each object in the collection is presented by one row.

Clip 1 shows a Display Set implemented using Adobe Flex. In this example, name, phone & e-mail are the display set items also arranged in columns.


An ordered list of properties.

Interactions Units showing objects like Instance or Population uses this pattern to defined the information to be shown.

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