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If you want to contact me, please feel fre to send an e-mail to one of the following accounts:

  • pjmolina (at) acm.org
  • pjmolina (at) pjmolina.com

Association for Computer Machinery, ACM

Asociación para la Interación Persona-Ordenador (Spanish Association for Human Computer Interaction), AIPO

www.oasis-open.org OASIS Consortium. Oasis is a non profit, global Consortium that drives the development of e-business standards.

Public Keys
Public keys:
Validity Public Key Key Type
Old (deprecated) pjmolina (at) comports.com RSA 1024 bits
New one (recommended) pjmolina (at) acm.org DH/DSS 3072/1024 bits

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