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PhD Thesis

Especificación de Interfaz de Usuario:
De los requisitos a la generación automática
(In Spanish) (size: 5,38 Mbytes)

User Interface Specification:
From requirements to automatic code generation.

Author: Pedro J. Molina
Supervisor: Cat. Óscar Pastor López

Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación,
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia,
Valencia, Spain, March 14th 2003.


Developing user interfaces is a high resources consuming task. On the other hand, Conceptual Modeling techniques have been proven to be valuable in order to increase the abstraction level to build systems. However, traditionally, these approaches have forgotten the modeling of the user interface. This PhD thesis provides an extension for the specification of user interfaces on object-oriented conceptual models. The proposed model explores the conceptual pattern languages as tools for requirement elicitation, specification and code generation. As supporting tools, model's editors, specification, prototypes and code generators have been developed. All of them have been refined, fine-tuned and validated in an empiric way in an industrial environment after several iterative development cycles. The user interface development process proposed reduces drastically design times and resources needed due to code generation and rapid prototyping techniques introduced. Analysis based on Conceptual Modeling and supported by code generation techniques narrows the gap to the Automatic Programming Paradigm utopia as stated by Balzer. Moreover, in this way, the developing of software systems change from an artisan process to a software production method where the quality of the process followed can be guaranteed in the final product.


User interface, specification model, conceptual modeling, code generation, object oriented methods, patterns.

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