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CG08 has finished!

Code Generation 2008 Conference was held in Cambridge the last week of June. In this second edition, I have to say that the content has been even better that the first edition in 2007.

First line speakers in the Model Driven Development, MDA & code generation were present showing their current work and success case studies. If you are interested in these topics, this is for sure the place to stay tuned.

One of my strong impression shared with other participants is that, year by year, MDD approaches have more success cases & real numbers to share and persuade customers & colleagues about the feasibility of MDD approaches to software development.

Grady Booch one time said:

The entire history of software engineering is one of rising levels of abstraction (abstraction is the primary way we as humans deal with complexity).

Model Execution is clearly the next step for raising the abstraction level.

The technology for MDD is starting to be mature: Microsoft DSL Tools, Eclipse EMF/GMF proyects, XML, parsers an template engines are ready for creating production systems.

In this second edition of CG08 I was involved in the Program Committee. My two cents to CG08 came in form of:

Slides & audio recorded materials of CG08 will be posted soon here.

Blog started!

Finally, I found the time to start my blog: The Metalevel. I will post some thoughts to share mainly focused, I hope, on the following topics: Software Architecture, Software Engineering, MDD, modeling, meta-modeling, DSL, code generation, user interfaces, etc.

Thanks for reading! Your comments are more than welcome!
Pedro J.