NClass 2.0 released!

NClass is a elegant UML class diagram tool oriented to code modeling for the C# & Java languages.

  • It is specially well suited to create your O-O design class model (and think and visualize the full set in terms of Design Patterns) and generate a skeleton for you in C# or Java.
  • On the other hand, if you need to document a-posteriori (I hope you don’t do it frequently, by the way), NClass also incorporates a plug-in developed by Malte Ried to reverse engineering a .NET assembly using reflection to extract the classes and draw the corresponding design class model.

In this second mayor version the key new features are:

  • Project-model hierarchy for multiple diagrams
  • Name, role and multiplicity labels on relationships
  • Navigation facilities (Model Explorer, Diagram Navigator)
  • Inline class editor
  • Visual enhancements (gradient modes,  ClearType, etc.)
  • Generation of solution files and NotImplementedException as default implementation

NClass is coded in C# by my colleague Balázs Tihanyi (based on Budapest) and it’s released under the GNU Licence.

In version 2.0, NClass supports different languages like Hungarian, English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Chinese & Spanish. If you find a bug in the Spanish translation do not complaint  to Balázs. In this case do it directly to me. }:)

Try it & enjoy!

NClass User Interface

NClass User Interface

One comment.

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for.
    I’ll be using this to map out my classes before touching any code, as to not get ahead of myself.

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