Posts from November 11th, 2009.

The end of the MDD promise in OSLO

Sadly, Microsoft OSLO has died!

Via Jorge Ubeda I received the bad news. Accordingly to Douglas Purdy’s post, Microsoft OSLO is going to be rebranded to SQL Server Modeling CTP.

The people in the MDD community using .NET technologies has put a strong believe in Microsoft promise of delivering a big step forward in MDD with the OSLO project. At least, that what Microsoft sell us in the first CTP.

Now, in its new reincarnation: the M language, Quadrant and the Repository will still provide value for the database colleagues, for sure. But for the MDD community, this time, Microsoft has lost totally the point. That is quite different respect to the initial selling proposition we all bought at for example!

Model Driven Development is about increasing the level of abstraction, it is about technology and architecture independence. Tying the models with a database provides no help in achieving such objectives.

And what about MGrammar? It is a great tool for doing textual DSLs in the .NET environment. Any plans to support and improve it as a product or will end also tied to a database?

As Jorge points JJ. Dubray seems to be in the right path when anticipating the results.

It is a pity, a great opportunity to empower MDD with the right tools has been lost. Anyway, others tools will come and do the job instead.