Hello World with Essential, the video

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The Hello World sample is a nice starting point to show the syntax and capabilities of every new language. This test is also useful for code generators and Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) also as a proof of concept.

Following this honorable tradition, I have created a video showing the capabilities of Essential: the tool I am working on for doing agile Model Driven Development.

In this 10 minutes video you will get a general idea of the DSL the language provides to create:

  • metamodels
  • models
  • templates
  • and control transformations

In order to see the details, jump to Vimeo, activate the High Definition mode (HD) and set full screen (sorry embebed version is not good enough).

Essential IDE – Hello World sample from Pedro J. Molina on Vimeo.

More info about it and 12 usage scenarios in the last Code Generation 2010 presentation about Tailored Code Generators.

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  2. Thx to @ajlopez. The idea of using a Hello world as an Acid Test for code generation also was proposed by him. (In Spanish)

  3. […] that’s what I wanna to do with Pedro work at Metadevel, for instance he has record a podcast showing us how Essential works generating code in an almost simple way ’cause instead of teaches with the typical Hello World! he has gone a […]

  4. Your work deserve being spread all around … at my blog for instance 🙂

  5. I fell honored Pere. 1..* Thxs 🙂

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