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Presenting on Semana Informatica 2010

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On April 27, my colleague Nicolas Cornaglia and I will be presenting a talk with some live demos in Valencia, Spain representing our company Capgemini, in the scope of the event Semana Informatica 2010.

The title of the talk will be: Productivity through frameworks and MDD.

The session will be delivered in Spanish. Full agenda (PDF version) and session details.


Business applications for Enterprise Software usually follows a fixed set of standards (global or in-house) to help in keeping the maintenance cost as lower as possible (reducing TCO). In this context, homogeneity and regulation compliance is frequently a must.

The main issue in our presentation will be to show how an approach based in a good framework, modeling tools and code generation techniques can be the right tools to achieve a high degree of standarization, quality, productivity and flexibility to evolve the Enterprise Architecture. Such flexibility is key to provide a better Time to Market when a business process change or a technical requirement suddenly emerges.

SOA and MDD with Oslo

In the issue #21 of the Microsoft Architecture Journal, Cesar de la Torre talks about implementing SOA using an MDD aproach supported with Oslo: Model Driven SOA with Oslo.

In the economic crisis scenario, some voices argues about the death of SOA (more, more and more) just even before few organizations has already started to adopt it.

However, the SOA approach has valuable principles for Enterprise Software organization for the long term maintenance, integration and minimizing the TCO.

Johan den Haan has a nice post about it: SOA is dead; long live Model-Driven SOA.

As a supporter of MDD, I agree with Cesar and Johan, MD SOA could be a way to deliver the good principles behing SOA.

SOA is always a tough topic to explain for first time visitors. To help to introduce it I will link a superb presentation about it: Meet mike… (credits for Eduard Hildebrandt).

MDD with Oslo

MDD with Oslo

On the other hand, as Cesar pointed, Microsoft Oslo project has/had (after the rebranding) potential to be a good platform for domain modelling with textual DSL (MGrammar) and visual DSL (Quadrant).

As commented in the previous posts, it’s a pity that for the moment modeling efforts at Microsoft has been focused too much into one particular tree “the SQL Server scope” and loose the full forest vision.