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Code Generation 2009 Clip

Mark posted a video summarizing this edition of Code Generation.

Thanks for sharing it!

My impressions about Code Generation 2009

Code Generation 2009
Once a year I flew to Cambridge, on the United Kingdom. It is the place for my favorite conference in the last three years: Code Generation!

In this last edition I am especially happy to see again a lot of well-know faces working in the same stat-of-the art topics. Everyone coming to CG believes on it, so it easy to jump and talk directly about the core and heavy issues: you don’t need to make any additional effort to convince your audience about the goodness of modeling and code gen.

To me, it is remarkable important to have the chance to meet with MDD, DSL and MDA practitioners and interchange ideas, comment on latest new tools & breakthroughs, and give and receive first-class feedback!

I want to share some of the main shared ideas I got back home in my luggage. So, if you are interested in it, please keep reading. More… »

Scaling MDD for production

This was my contribution for the Code Generation 2009 conference.

The central idea of my speech was devoted to achieve scalability in MDD tools & methods for industrial application of the MDD technology.

I was so glad to see that Markus Völter and Steven Kelly also just 30 minutes before my talk, were addressing the same key issues in their inspiring keynote: scalability, partitioning, modularization of DSL. This fact reinforce me in the idea that we are really growing as a community (CG) with common problems and aligned in the solutions improving the tools & techniques more and more every year.

Scaling MDD for production: enabling SoC at model time

There was also time for an small but complete live demo of a small tool socDriven running and demonstrating the concepts explained. The tool was implementing a compiler and merger for a small textual DSL. The DSL was parsed using the OSLO MGrammar to create the AST. A merged engine in a second phase glued the partial specifications producing as output:

  • the same specs merged in a unique file,
  • the same spec ready to be open with a graphical editor with DSL Tools,
  • a full code generation solution on VS2008 containing:
    • scripts for SQL Server
    • a logic layers with POCOs & full NHibernate mappings
    • a default CRUD service definition,
    • a default Web Service definition,
    • and a Windows Form UI ready to query and execute CRUD operations.

After the generation of the solution, it can be opened with VS, create the DB launching the scripts provided and pressing just F5 for building and running it all! == (a.k.a the utopia of 0 custom code) };-)

Please, feel free to add your comments!

Making the preparatives for CG09

During these days, I am dedicating a lot of my free time to work on my session “Scaling MDD for production: Enabling SoC at model-time” for Code Generation 2009.

This year my focus will be directed to stress the importance of prepare your code generator for scalability and discuss some techniques in order to achieve it. Separation of Concerns (SoC) is one of the powerful principles you ever can apply in Computer Science, and I will discuss about how to use it as the basis to split concerns and improve the scalability of the approach.

A custom MDD tool named “socDriven” has also been implemented to demonstrate the ideas. This tool has been developed using .NET, the Microsoft OSLO MGrammar & StringTemplate.

See you there to discuss about it!

CG2009 programme announced

The third edition of Code Generation (CG2009) has just disclosed its programme for this year. Take a look and join us in Cambridge, UK on June.

If you are using MDD, MDA or code generation in an industrial context, do not miss the chance to see the state of the art in the area!

See you there!