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Presenting on Semana Informatica 2010

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On April 27, my colleague Nicolas Cornaglia and I will be presenting a talk with some live demos in Valencia, Spain representing our company Capgemini, in the scope of the event Semana Informatica 2010.

The title of the talk will be: Productivity through frameworks and MDD.

The session will be delivered in Spanish. Full agenda (PDF version) and session details.


Business applications for Enterprise Software usually follows a fixed set of standards (global or in-house) to help in keeping the maintenance cost as lower as possible (reducing TCO). In this context, homogeneity and regulation compliance is frequently a must.

The main issue in our presentation will be to show how an approach based in a good framework, modeling tools and code generation techniques can be the right tools to achieve a high degree of standarization, quality, productivity and flexibility to evolve the Enterprise Architecture. Such flexibility is key to provide a better Time to Market when a business process change or a technical requirement suddenly emerges.

MDD talk at UCLM/ABC

To give a talk about my favourite topic, it’s always a pleasure. To give it at home, it’s an invaluable pleasure.

I’ve been invited to talk about MDD in my native university (University of Castilla-La ManchaUCLM at Albacete, Spain) where I started my Computer Science studies. So, I have a lot of good feelings remembering my student days every time I come back there.

On Monday, February 22th, I will be there sharing my points of view and experiences about applying MDD.


When & where:  February 22th, 18:00 H. Salon de actos de la Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Informática, Albacete (location).

MDD in industrial contexts

I’ve been invited to give a talk in the Software Engineering Master of the University of Leicester, UK. On next Friday 12th, I will be discussing with PhD students real applications of MDD.

On the same line, as pointed by Markus Voëlter, the Ecole des Mines de Nantes is probably the first one offering a Diploma on MDE.

It is nice to see an increasing interest in the academia for MDD/MDSD/MDE/MD*.